Zombies, Mayans and “world-enders”

We are in the midst of the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21st, 2012. We have also been inundated (almost literally) with zombies and the impending apocalypse precipitated by them. What does it all mean? Coincidence? Colorful fancy and daydreaming by marketers and merchandisers to cash in on the public and media frenzy? Probably a bit of all of the above and more. I mean, I am waiting feverishly for the third season of Walking Dead to arrive on Netflix :)


But I’m curious as to seemingly all of society’s infatuation with this “end of the world” or exaggerated apocalyptic scenarios.
  1. Are we bored and want something to talk about during our drab lives day after day?
  2. Maybe it’s the ADD (adult and adolescent…look a dog!) kicking into high gear and just another topic to throw into the mix.
  3. Are we so enthralled with pop culture and mainstream media garbage on TV and the internet that these just happen to be mass cultures’ equivalent of Y2K.
  4. Or is it all of the above with some religious fanaticism thrown in for good measure?

I vote for 4! But I’m still curious as to whether there is a good scientific reason or theory that might explain this. I happened to have read a great article in Big Think (love the periodic newsletter I get with the Big Thinks of that day) titled, Why We’re Obsessed with the Apocalypse. Here’s quite the interesting statistic that they referenced from Reuters from earlier this year.

“This year, a Reuters poll found that one in four Americans believe the world will end within their lifetime. Globally, the figure is one in seven people.”

In case you didn’t catch that…ONE IN SEVEN PEOPLE ON THE PLANET! So approximately 15% of us believe that the world will come to an end during our lifetimes. Note that the average human’s life expectancy is 67.2 years (on a world scale) and 78.3 years (in the United States…thank God for Obamacare). So apart from all the pop cultural or religious fanaticism which are perfect Petri dishes for gravitating to the apocalypse, it’s no wonder that some of us are averaging 3-4 zombie T-shirts in our dressers these days. However how either naive or self-aggrandizing are we that we think the likes of Planet Earth would come to an end during a 78-ish year period, maximum! The Big Think article goes on to say…

“Earth having existed for billions of years, probably existing for millions if not billions more, and our own life in comparison—however long and fruitful—being an almost infinitesimally insignificant instant in the middle of it all. So fleeting and so far from either end of the story that many of us behave like individual black holes, mentally warping time to write ourselves into the grand finale.”

We’ll all have some fun with these doomsday thoughts, predictions, and business models. How interesting of the human condition to put ourselves on the same level of a multi-billion year old geological entity such as our planet. I actually think it’s a good thing whereby we don’t suffer from believing ourselves so insignificant in this grand universe by believing our mother Earth’s end in a few decades…just don’t hold your breath or sell all of your baseball card collection quite yet.

Family Clears It All Up

I’ve spent many a holiday, weekend, vacation or just random time with family members over the years. Early on on my life when I was too young, naive and stupid to really see them for what they are, I criticized and even distanced myself from some of them because of some idiosyncrasy or fault that I didn’t want to deal with.

Well, who doesn’t have faults? I invite you to show yourself but I expect that you’ll be dressed in Jesus Christ garb…and even then HE had his faults! I know I certainly have my faults.

– I’m a little compulsive
– I’m a perfectionist at times
– Have been known to be judgmental and overly critical
– and I’m sure there are other lists that can be compiled

Now that I’m older and “wiser”, I’ve certainly learned of the value of family and why we’re there for each other. I truly now derive happiness from seeing them happy in turn! Whatever it is that makes them happy warm my heart. My sister Lisa has a beautiful daughter, Sienna, and I see how truly happy and complete she is when I see the sparkle in her eye when seeing her watching Sienna.

It’s a deep happiness that goes to her soul and simply reflected through her eyes, smile, and contentment on her face. And THAT makes me happy and desire more of it for Lisa!

We all have to remind ourselves regularly of these little things. But they are oh-so what life’s all about.


New Look for a New Life

You may have noticed a few changes to the site. This is to reflect my new approach to what articles I’ll write reflective of my new life. It has more to do about the people, places and things I observe that are interesting, shocking, intriguing or worthy of further observation than about business and career oriented topics. In fact, while my career remains important, it is NOT the most important aspect of my life any longer. I’ll write original articles or my re-blog those of others that are worthy of re-blogging and particularly interesting.

What this site not:

  1. A diary.
  2. A product review site…I may write about really cool gadgets or technologies from time to time, just ’cause.
  3. A pity party…there are no victims!

I hope to more actively engage and interact with those of you who come across my rantings and opinions. I would love to hear your own opinions and hopefully you won’t always necessarily agree with my own, but don’t feel shy about agreeing with me :) Since I’m a very visual person, I intend on using more pictures and videos to convey my stories or observations. Probably one reason why I’ve taken a particular interest in Pinterest lately. Though a friend in my running group recently expressed his opinion that Pinterest is not of the most manly persuasion. He can give his opinion but when there are hot women and beer pins and boards on Pinterest, I think the manly checkmark has been attained!

I’ve recently started bringing my social media habits and working out together. I may write my views on some recent experiences with a new iPhone app and the community of people in that network. Until then…



God I hope she’s right!

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Sure, there have been all kinds of natural disasters, not to mention strange weather patterns in general. (One mild winter in North Dakota last season was awesome, yet terrifying, because it’s so uncharacteristic. This one’s rounding out to be pretty similar.) And even though I might have been a little nervous about it myself when I first heard of the whole “2012” thing a few years ago, I’m now convinced that there’s no way we’ve only got 19 days left. Here are a few reasons why:

1. The Mayans made calendars, not predictions.

Why are we banking predictions of the future on a civilization that couldn’t predict its own demise? Yes, it’s still a mystery and archeologists aren’t sure what necessarily caused it, but it certainly happened quickly. You’d think a big disaster might have been something they could foretell. That is, if they ever claimed to be

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Fascinating story of a people near and dear to my heart.

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I’m not going to go over the details of how we got to Cuba because I see them as irrelevant to the bigger picture of the circumstances that came to be.  It would also be unpatriotic to reveal the ease of purchasing a ticket with cash money from any one of the dozens of travel agencies throughout Cancun, all selling discrete backdoor entrances into the infamous Pearl of the South.  Nor will I divulge deeper in the fact that we found ourselves on a plane full of Americans doing the exact same thing for the exact same reason; to see the “surreality” of existence in this mythical, fabled land before the carpet rolls out for capitalism to get it’s hands onto one of the last places on earth that not only hasn’t welcomed it with open arms, but exclusively blocked it with a socialized shield.  For…

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Texting and Chewing Gum

What do texting and chewing gum have to do with each you, you ask? Apparently they are two things that should not be done a whole lot of while walking. In a FierceWireless article on July 3, 2012, titled The 5 Worst Walking and Texting Mishaps, there are some humorous and some not-so-humorous videos of these top 5 incidents involving people texting and not paying attention to little obstacles like fountains or manhole covers. Take a look at the videos and enjoy! Oh and don’t text while driving, walking, riding a bike, having dinner with your GF/BF, running, rock climbing and other such activities that require your undivided attention :)

At #5 we have Texting Guy vs. Bear

At #4 we have Ms. I Need To Take a Quick Bath

At #3 we have a scuba diver in training…just without the scuba stuff, just her phone

At #2 we have a teenager falling into an open manhole cover. The family is suing. I don’t have a problem with this if the open manhole was not properly marked. If it was, then yet-another frivolous lawsuit that will yield a million dollars of stupid money!

And finally at #1 we have “Oops, were those steps I missed there during my Foursquare check-in?”