Health Effects of Wireless, version

So we have a continuation of the saga of the effects of wireless radiation on the human body. Just today, an article by FierceWireless on a study from the Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic (yes, that’s Reproductive) states that “link between cell phones and sperm damage. Specifically, the study said, when in close range to the testes and in talk mode, the cell phones damage sperm.” Now these sorts of suggestions really hit below the belt (ed.: gratuitous joke opportunity).

These sorts of studies have been going on for quite some time. I remember back in the late 80s and early 90s when the first of the “brain cancer” studies were commissioned by some of the early pioneers in the cellular industry such as Motorola leading to several inconclusive conclusions. I think the problem is that no one wants to take a firm stance and basically state that, “YES, persistent radiation from RF transmitters do in fact cause health issues…because health research is as much an art than a science, we can’t tell you exactly what will cause what, but we know it’s probably bad and unpredictable.”

Legal disclosure: the author of this blog is not a licensed healthcare professional, nor makes any claims or relations between wireless RF radiation and health effects to humans!

There is one thing for sure. We will have more and more RF radiation surrounding and penetrating our bodies as each year passes! More cellphones, more cellular/wireless infrastructure throughout countries and cities (3G, WiMax, LTE, …), more WiFi access points (2.4GHz, i.e., 802.11b/g/n, is also the more popular microwave oven operating frequency per Wikipedia), more wireless in our home connecting our media entertainment systems as well as wireless home automation and appliances, more wireless in our cars (wireless routers with 3G backhaul are starting to emerge for connected automobiles), more wireless in our pockets and purses (Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G headsets and accessories for communicating, working out, and overall connecting with networks and cloud services), on and on. This is no end in sight!!!

So let the studies kick into high gear! Tell us what we already intuitively know. But tell us in the most certain and objective terms. We can’t protect against anecdotes or “linkages” between apparent causes and effects. We KNOW too much RF radiation is bad. If we were intended to be exposed to so much radiation, God would have covered us in copper instead of skin! Hmm, sounds like an interesting opportunity for cloning or stem cell research…


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