iPhone "nano" rumor surfaces…again

So the iPhone nano rumor has surfaced in the UK, according to London’s Daily Mail (also in CNN Money). Apparently the iPhone nano will be available this coming Christmas from O2 for about 150 British Pounds. No other details are available. Don’t know if the rumor will in fact manifest itself from Santa in a few months on the other side of the pond (ed.: that’s the Atlantic ;-), but Apple had filed a patent last year for a clamshell looking device that looked like a nano. It also makes sense to continue to build out the iPhone portfolio with varying prices and capabilities, but it appears too early given the very recent launch of the 3G iPhone. Which leads me to my prediction of the next product from Apple.
The iPhone Dust!!! This product has been rumored (although not nearly as top of mind as the mainstream iPhone’s) for quite some time. There is mild speculation that this product will actually be seen on Apple store shelves somewhere in the lifetime of any of the iPhone mainstream products. The only problem is that an iPhone box doesn’t sit on a store shelf long enough to reveal the elusive iPhone Dust phenomenon.
Sorry…I had to say it 😉


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