The "Connected" White House

Now that officially President Obama is in the oval office, we have for the first time in the history of US government a “connected” President and White House. According to Wired, while the new Prez may not be allowed to keep his Blackberry, he is certainly one of the more tech savvy individuals to occupy the Oval Office. However, “aides say that Obama is determined to be the first President to use a laptop in the Oval Office”. Good for him and for the spirit of what he is trying to establish, which is to at least run the White House like a new age startup…leveraging all the tools for engaging his “customers” (i.e., the people who elected him…even those that didn’t) and listening to them for building and steering his “business” (i.e., the Executive Branch of the US Govt). It’s a far cry from having been run like a business, but we all have high hopes for him.

If in fact he gets his wish to be a “connected” President with his laptop, how will his tech staff secure his information and access to networks, secured or the open Internet? If it somehow gets lost or misplaced, how will they be able to track and locate it for recovery. Those questions certainly wait to be answered and many of us in the tech industry (i.e., geeks) await with bated breath!


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