Victory for Obama…Again!

So it seems that the Prez has won the battle of keeping his Blackberry. He says it’s not up and running yet, but I imagine that there is some imaginative thinking going on with regards to how to secure it beyond anything the US Secret Service, the White House staff, and of course, Research In Motion have ever had to deal with.

What are some of the most critical characteristics of a mobile device that open up security issues for the President? Of all of the issues, location of the device in the carrier RAN and HLR are of particular noteworthiness. If there is one thing that I would not want any unscrupulous characters knowing is the real-time location of my new President!

But having some very recent experience as Hewlett-Packard’s Mobile & Wireless CTO, there are a number of features that most of the enterprise-class mobile email devices implement. Remote lock and wipe, enforced password policies, mobile VPN/encryption, two-factor authentication, etc. According to the article on CBCNews from Canada there is speculation as to whether the actual device is a Blackberry irrespective of Blackberry being used throughout the US and other government agencies. “There has been speculation from security analysts that the device Obama will use would be one already approved by the National Security Agency, such as the Sectera Edge, designed by General Dynamics Corp. and L-3 Communications.”

There are threats galore to the average Joe (no, not the Plumber) with regards to mobile and wireless access to information and networks. The article goes on to say, “Even the most secure network isn’t perfect and even the most complex security algorithms can potentially be hacked, said Schneier, and he says no shortage of potential groups — from criminals to the spy agencies of other nations — might try to access a device used by the president of the United States.”

I wish my Facebook friend Pres Barack O the best of success in keeping his emails inaccessible to others and stay “connected”!


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