Wireless Hacking and Intrusions

Lay’s potato chips has nothing on this Pringle’s can used for directionally aiming a wireless receiver towards a wireless network, thereby extending the range of the receiver. I’ve tried this in the past and it actually works. No, I didn’t hack a network, just wanted to see if it would actually work. Which is what I believe to be most of the attempts, but you just never know these days with desperation kicking in to high gear with corporate espionage, insider trading, or other less-than-noble attempts at making a fast buck or skirting regulations. Check out the video on YouTube.

Pringle’s tube wireless hacking

Here’s also another interesting YouTube video on a somewhat detailed procedure of how to “read” the 128-bit AES encryption key for a wireless network over-the-air. I should provide the usual disclaimer that neither myself nor my company condone the use of such techniques for any purpose.

Wireless WEP Key Hacking


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