The President’s "Blackberry" Revealed

Here is a peak at the President’s “Blackberry”, although it’s not your granddad’s Blackberry. Quite the secure piece of hardware and has all the right certifications so that his email musing on foreign policy don’t end up on weezer_fiend’s blog or Facebook Wall.

I’m not entirely enthused about it being a Microsoft Windows Mobile platform, especially after the news where Microsoft stated there will be fewer WinMo devices in the market looking ahead. Well, I guess one more won’t hurt, especially if it’s in the hands of the leader of the free world.

The device has a certain robustness that might make Clint Eastwood wanna become a gadget guy like me. i also noticed the “IPv6 upgradeable” feature. I’m a big fan of IPv6 and a member on the Steering Committee of the North American IPv6 Task Force. It makes me wonder when the wireless carriers will get serious about IPv6 given both the greatest growth will continue to be in mobile, but also the greatest threat to information security and compliance regulations. These problems can do with a bit more robust end-to-end security and QoS with IPv6.

But I digress…Mr. President, happy texting!


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