My Board Member Almost Killed Me

This week at RSA was mostly business-as-usual. Met some great new people, partners, and customers. Saw some interesting security products and systems…although the robot arms pouring beer is just THE killer present for Christmas this year for parties.

One very interesting and “bizarre moment” at RSA really had nothing to do with RSA, but I was walking to the Moscone Center at the time. I had just parked my car in one of the parking garages and headed to the expo. My head was down and I was very immersed in an writing an email on my iPhone (damned virtual keyboard requires eyeballs on it constantly), so wasn’t paying the best of attention. I can imagine the criticism from my wife about this along with driving while texting (Disclaimer: haven’t done it…I’ve just heard about such things).

I was walking on the sidewalk and ended up cutting off a car about to turn right into another parking garage, presumably headed to RSA as well. He honked his horn…I didn’t hear him. He then rolled down his window and yelled “Ozzie!” I finally dug my face out of the iPhone screen and turned around to see one of my board members.

I wonder what the D&O insurance policy for my company says about this scenario:
– CEO of AirPatrol immersed neck deep in emails on iPhone
– Hit by car driven by a member of the Board of Directors of AirPatrol
– Board member is Bill Crowell (former Deputy Director of the NSA)

Bill’s a connected Blackberry guy, so he understood my mesmerized stupor with the mobile device. Thanx, Bill! We had a great breakfast, great show, and no injuries…at least none to attribute to RSA.


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