Excuse my poor speling and grammer

Recently I’ve been noticing a lot of signatures on mobile emails and replies from mobile devices effectively “excusing” the author of poor spelling and grammar due to the email being written on a mobile device.

Is that what we’ve evolved to as a connected society? I’m in too much of a hurry to write a thoughtful message that includes some semblance of 4th grade spelling and grammatically correct prose? As I write this post, I’m on an iPhone with an incredibly poor virtual keyboard highly prone to errors.

Is the Always Connected society headed towards a new era of idiocy and “deproductivity” as a result of our beloved mobile devices, seemingly fast paced and ADD-riden lives, and an alure towards 100s of “friends” on Facebook rather than 10 more valuable face-to-face relationships?

This notion of Deproductivity is a brick wall we’re headed towards at the speed of light. Stay tuned for more evidence of such…


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