Wireless is for the birds

From my colleague and co-chair of the Wireless Communications Alliance Cognitive Radio Special Interest Group (WCA CR SIG…whew!), Lloyd Nirenberg, I thought this picture was funny and cool, and still somewhat accurate about the “black magic” that is wireless technology. Wireless is for the birds.png

And yet wireless technologies are permeating themselves into EVERY single facet of our lives. Here is a list representative of my Life, Connected (certainly not an exhaustive or representative list of other people but probably close).

  • iPhone (3G, Bluetooth, WiFi)
  • iPad (3G, Bluetooth, WiFi)
  • Laptop (Bluetooth, WiFi)
  • Mobile broadband card (3G)
  • Smart meter (Zigbee)
  • Toyota SUV (Bluetooth)
  • Playstation3 (WiFi)
  • Nintendo Wii (WiFi)
  • Apple TV (WiFi)
  • Cordless home phone (900MHz DECT)
  • Canon camera (WiFi with internal EyeFi SD card)
  • iMac (WiFi)
  • Scuba integrated air computer (some wireless tech between tank transceiver and wristmount computer
  • Samsung TV (WiFi)

And I think that’s just the beginning. There will be appliances that will be connected to networks to manage their energy consumption. Lighting control systems that will be connected and controlled over IP networks to manage energy consumption based on thousands and millions of sensors also connected telling the lighting control system where the people are. People themselves will be connected everywhere they go (home, work, everywhere in-between) when they go running, go out to eat (READ: foursquare++ :), sit at home watching a show on Netflix, wondering what they’re kids are doing, checking up on elderly parents, on and on.

Where do you think this whole wireless thing is going? And hopefully not the birds… šŸ™‚

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