Kindle v2.0

New Kindle is coming out! Yay, or neh? Somewhere in the middle. It’s lighter, faster, better battery, and has a cool new “Read to me” feature which will turn it into the biggest iPod ever (READ: can’t I just use the audiobook version of a particular book instead of a robotic voice?). Although it’s not necessarily cheaper at $359. So hurry up and get your order in…they’ll start shipping February 24th.

A couple of really, really nice-to-have features would include: color display and touch screen. Apparently there is no color for eInk technology (though, read the article from eInk), though the new display goes from 4 shades of grey to 16. But touch screen would be such a great feature to more mimic the actions of flipping pages on a book, use a multi-touch gesture to zoom in and out…OH WAIT, isn’t that the iPhone/iTouch without the big screen?!?! Somehow it always digresses to an iPhone discussion.

And yet, Amazon announced they’ll be making Kindle content available on smartphones, like the iPhone. I’m not sure the “user experience” of reading a book on a 5 inch screen would be an enticement to buy more content, but the rest the iPhone has going for it. The Holy Grail of ebook reading and consumption hasn’t been cracked yet, IMHO. While I own a Kindle and love it, I love it more for the _connected_ experience hence readily available selection of tons of content. It’s all about the connected experience, isn’t it? If the iPhone were not connected, wouldn’t it just be an iPod?