New Look for a New Life

You may have noticed a few changes to the site. This is to reflect my new approach to what articles I’ll write reflective of my new life. It has more to do about the people, places and things I observe that are interesting, shocking, intriguing or worthy of further observation than about business and career oriented topics. In fact, while my career remains important, it is NOT the most important aspect of my life any longer. I’ll write original articles or my re-blog those of others that are worthy of re-blogging and particularly interesting.

What this site not:

  1. A diary.
  2. A product review site…I may write about really cool gadgets or technologies from time to time, just ’cause.
  3. A pity party…there are no victims!

I hope to more actively engage and interact with those of you who come across my rantings and opinions. I would love to hear your own opinions and hopefully you won’t always necessarily agree with my own, but don’t feel shy about agreeing with me 🙂 Since I’m a very visual person, I intend on using more pictures and videos to convey my stories or observations. Probably one reason why I’ve taken a particular interest in Pinterest lately. Though a friend in my running group recently expressed his opinion that Pinterest is not of the most manly persuasion. He can give his opinion but when there are hot women and beer pins and boards on Pinterest, I think the manly checkmark has been attained!

I’ve recently started bringing my social media habits and working out together. I may write my views on some recent experiences with a new iPhone app and the community of people in that network. Until then…