Nations First Mobile Emergency Messaging

The state of California recently announced in cooperation with Sprint their Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) will be rolling out a mobile emergency messaging service to its residents, This is certainly a great idea that has been around form quite some time especially so around heightened emergency incidents such as Columbine, Fort Hood or any such events that require a localized emergency notification to inform people what to do or where to go.

The cellphone is THE most pervasive messaging device available at the finger tips of pretty much every citizen, resident or visitor to the United States. Short Message Service, or SMS, the the least common denominator for every one of those same cellphones whereby all the cellular operators support this ubiquitous protocol. I commend CalEMA for standing up to do something about it. But speaking of cellular operators, where are the #1 and #2 in Verizon and AT&T in supporting this emergency notification service along with Sprint and CalEMA? Irrespective of the prepaid, postpaid or MVNO subscribers on the Sprint network, they pale in comparison to Verizon and AT&T.

I guess we have to wait for phase 2 on the roadmap? Not much of a consolation for those California residents on Verizon and AT&T that didn’t get the text during the next wild fires, floods or God forbid school shooting.