Family Clears It All Up

I’ve spent many a holiday, weekend, vacation or just random time with family members over the years. Early on on my life when I was too young, naive and stupid to really see them for what they are, I criticized and even distanced myself from some of them because of some idiosyncrasy or fault that I didn’t want to deal with.

Well, who doesn’t have faults? I invite you to show yourself but I expect that you’ll be dressed in Jesus Christ garb…and even then HE had his faults! I know I certainly have my faults.

– I’m a little compulsive
– I’m a perfectionist at times
– Have been known to be judgmental and overly critical
– and I’m sure there are other lists that can be compiled

Now that I’m older and “wiser”, I’ve certainly learned of the value of family and why we’re there for each other. I truly now derive happiness from seeing them happy in turn! Whatever it is that makes them happy warm my heart. My sister Lisa has a beautiful daughter, Sienna, and I see how truly happy and complete she is when I see the sparkle in her eye when seeing her watching Sienna.

It’s a deep happiness that goes to her soul and simply reflected through her eyes, smile, and contentment on her face. And THAT makes me happy and desire more of it for Lisa!

We all have to remind ourselves regularly of these little things. But they are oh-so what life’s all about.



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